Welcome to ONA Info

The Online News Association provides a wide array of involvement opportunities for our members and community. We have volunteer roles including local group leadership, conference volunteering, award judging and application review. We offer fellowships, grants, and speaking roles.

For each of these, we provide guidance — and now we have a place for all that guidance to live. ONA Info is our knowledge base. It’s where we create and manage documentation for our programs and participants so we can prepare and educate in a transparent manner.

This website is a living document; each page is subject to change as our offerings, needs and expectations evolve. It is also not nearly complete. We’ll be adding sections throughout the next year while each program we offer begins a new cycle.

We’ll also be keeping an ear out for feedback from the community—as we hear frequent questions, we’ll add FAQ answers here. If you have thoughts or questions about this new section, please reach out to me, Adam, at adam@journalists.org.

About Adam Nekola

Adam is responsible for developing and managing the ONA web properties, streamlining software procedures and maintaining internal data and analytics. He worked with ONA for three years as a web development contractor prior to being hired full-time.
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